MBX Bristle Blasting technology brings an entirely new performance level to power hand tool cleaning for industrial steel surface preparation. Now, a "blast-like" clean can be achieved for spot repairs or where abrasive blasting is not economically feasible or is prohibited.

The MBX Bristle Blaster incorporates a specially designed rotary tool with dynamically tuned bristles that impact the surface and immediately retract to prevent grinding and polishing. The patented accelerator bar creates a strike with kinetic energy that is equivalent to grit blasting.

You can read more about MBX Bristle Blaster here.


Use the Bristle Blaster for a variety of applications!

  • Removes corrosion, mill scale and protective coatings - Surface cleanliness with Near White/White Metal appearance - no grinding or polishing during operation.
  • Creates a 2.7 - 3.3 mil surface texture/anchor profile - Benchmark steel is API 5L pipeline steel - profile will vary with hardness of substrate.
  • Welding cleaning - pre and post. Creates clean, profiled surface without removing metal.
  • Surface preparation for spot repairs, cut backs, and feathering applications.


The Bristle Blaster Has Numerous Advantages.

  • Removes coating and corrosion without removing healthy material.
  • Improves integrity of treated surfaces Generates compressive residual stress along treated surfaces providing crack growth resistance, improved fatigue live and improved corrosion resistance.
  • Negligible heat generation - treated surfaces free of thermal damage and/or heat markings.
  • Excellent mobility without the need for complex equipment, work-suits, breathing apparatus and grit recovery systems.
  • A "Green" process - does not use/produce environmentally unsafe or hazardous material.
  • Cleans and profiles quickly and economically Using long lasting, safe Bristle Blaster Belts eliminates the need for costly abrasive blast equipment